Sustainability Strategy

is the plan of action defined by an organization where key Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) aspects are considered for long-term success of an organization. The development of a Sustainability Strategy is the most effective way to manage ESG risks, create business resilience and market value.
Sustainability Strategy is a route map, based on the business’s model of the organization, including internal governance, management systems, good business practices and performance, that are put in place to control and address sustainability matters.
How it works
Risk assessment
Accounting and Control Implementation
Reporting and Disclosure
Business reflections
  • 1
    Does the organization realize of risks and opportunities in sustainability aspects?
  • 2
    Is the regulation, code of third parties or are shareholder demands related to sustainability aspects?
  • 3
    Has the organization defined the strategic dialogue to cover key ESG aspects with stakeholders?
  • 4
    Is value chain asking for environmental, human rights, health and safety and social performance?
  • 5
    Has the organization financially and / or reputationally been affected by ESG aspects and no internal governance and / or management systems to be a step forward?​
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