Climate Proofing (assessment)

Climate impact assessment is a comprehensive analysis that helps understand how climate change can affect the invested infrastructure. This comprehensive analysis includes evaluating potential climate risks and opportunities to ensure the sustainability and profitability of investments in a changing climate. The main goal of the assessment is to prevent infrastructure vulnerability to long-term climate impacts and ensure that greenhouse gas emissions levels align with project targets by 2030.
How it works
In order to get financing from the funds, the applicant may be required to submit a "Climate Proofing" assessment. This assessment takes into account climate risks and opportunities, ensuring that the project aligns with long-term climate goals. It applies to investments with a duration of at least 5 years and includes buildings, network infrastructure, as well as various embedded systems and assets. The assessment includes:
  • Analysis of potential climate impacts on infrastructure.
  • Evaluation of resilience to climate change and extreme weather conditions.
  • Assessment of greenhouse gas emissions and their alignment with reduction targets by 2030
  • Development of strategies for risk mitigation and adaptation to climate change.
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