Carbon Footprint calculation

Carbon Footprint (CF) calculation assesses the environmental impact of one’s company and identifies the areas of improvements, contributing to the reduction of emissions and financial costs savings of a company.
Carbon Footprint calculation accounts all greenhouse gas emissions associated directly or indirectly with the activities of one’s company. Through continuous reduction of emissions, a company achieves successful market growth, providing the market with carbon neutral products.
How it works
We have an individual approach for each one of our clients and provide a special framework of CF calculation based on the needs and expectation of our clients.
Data Collection
Impact Assessment
Reporting and Disclosure
Business reflections
  • 1
    Does the company look for the assessment of the environmental impact?
  • 2
    Does the company consider emissions reduction as part of the sustainable strategy?
  • 3
    Does the company focus being carbon neutral and is looking for the areas of improvements?
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