• By the present moment, projects have been evaluated in the following areas:
  • Do No Significant Harm assessment execution

    • Fabrication of structures,
    • Shipbuilding,
    • Production of metal parts and other products.
    • Production of plastic products,
    • Greenhouse manufacturing.
    Printing Houses:
    • Production of magazines, books, newspapers, and other printed materials.
    Food Production:
    • Production of bread and bakery products.
    • Manufacturing.
    • Production of threads for the automotive industry, hoses.
    Education Services:
    • Creation of educational platforms.
    • Renovation of buildings, rooms.
    Stone Processing:
    • Production of tombstones.
    Construction Works:
    • Construction, finishing, renovation services.
  • Green audit and Roadmap
    Algerest OÜ - Metal construction manufacturing. The project is funded by the EAS fund.
    SKS Estonia Textile OÜ - Production of high-quality yarn, cords for MRG, tires, and paper felt. The project is funded by the EAS fund.
  • Sustainability Strategy

  • Carbon Footprint calculation

  • Project Funding
  • Life Cycle Assessment
  • Tutoring programs